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Parents Should Allow Their Children to Make Mistakes and Let Them Learn from Their Own Mistakes

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On contemporary society, education is the core value upon which the society depends on to thrive. When considering the mistakes which are made by the children, parents have different opinions. Some parents hold the opinion that the children should be allowed to make mistakes and learn from their own mistakes and others hold opposite opinions. From my perspective, making mistakes is not a bad thing, instead, it will leave a profound impression on children and thus encourage them to promote.
First of all, the ability to make mistakes can be a positive learning experience, psychologically beneficial, and have a positive effect on their choices in the future. Most of people can not realize they are wrong until they suffered from the serious consequence. The teenagers, who are in their period of striving to learn knowledge, can get much more experience when they make mistakes and then learn from it.
Besides, everyone will make mistakes no matter how clever he is and it is reasonless to blame to a teenager that he made a mistakes. As we all know that teenagers are immature and impulsive, who always do some ridiculous things without considering the consequence. If we have a positive attitude towards their mistakes, it may be a good thing for they sometimes because it teach them how to deal with things correctly in the next time.
However, to some extent, it is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children to the right path. As the teenagers always are misguided by others, their parents should give them right guidance. Besides, some severe affairs, such as criminal case, can never be break because it can hardly be redeemed once it happens. So the parents should educate their children and avoid such things happened
In a conclusion, it's a fine line as to how many mistakes a teen can make. It's a bit much to suggest a parent allow their teen to experiment with dangerous drugs, gang violence, and criminal activity. However, things like staying up too late,...


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