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Do You Agree or Disagree with the Parents Should Let Children Make Mistake and Let Them Learn from Their Own Mistake

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do you agree or disagree with the parents should let children make mistake and let them learn from their own mistake.

In this increasingly competitive society, the topic of education has aroused ubiquitous attention among individuals and the parents. Some critics advocate that parents should not allow children to make mistake while others, including me, have an opposite opinion. From my perspective, giving the chance to let children make mistake bring more merits to children’s long term development.

Initially, mistakes in children’s daily life plays an dispensable role in fostering a children’s independence ability, due to the reason that children are able to learn how to over come those problem on their own without the help of the others. According to a study conducted by Shenzhen University in 2011, children in kindergarten who usually made mistakes or trying to do some thing different tend to acquire better independence ability than those who only follow the command of teachers. As is revealed from the research, making mistakes enable students how to deal with the   same problems that frustrated them after the failure. More specifically, they will try more method to handle those problems until they resolved it. On the contrary, children who just listen to the command without giving them chance to get failure experience; as a result, they will just know how to do the right thing but the way how to solve problem,tending to be more easily to give up and less patients.

Subsequently, children’s perspective would be extended by some mistakes which provided more chance to try. That is to say, when children are considering the choice of solving problems, they would consider more about the different method that may achieve their goal. This is because failure experience will allow children to indulge themselves in the repeat that might contribute to a new way. What’s more, failures assist parents more conveniently and easily to educate children. Just suppose that...


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