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The Government Should Not Spend Money on National Defense. It Should Put the Money in Arts Instead. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

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The government should not spend money on national defense. It should put the money in arts instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

When we discuss whether money should be spent on defense or arts by the government, we have to make clear the duty of a government. In my opinion, these two are equally essential for the sustainable development of a nation. In the following paragraphs I will analyze the significance of both defense and arts for a nation and how a government should keep the balance.

National defense lays the foundation for developing all the industries. We can imagine if there were no security for a nation, how the nationals could make a living, not even to say developing arts. Government, which is the governor and organizer of a country, should safeguard the security and stability first. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans created glorious and brilliant culture and civilization, but unfortunately after several wars, most of them were in ruins. So we can see clearly that a government should defend its country before putting money on arts.

However, the conclusion we have made in the last paragraph does not mean arts are not important. Actually arts play a significant role in promoting the advancement of mankind for a long term. Food and exercise can build up our body, while arts can purify our soul. Without arts, we would be still leading a cruel and barbaric life today. Morality and nobleness make us different from animals, which can be molded by attending arts activities. So it is also a compelling obligation for a government to hold all sorts of arts activities, such as concerts, book fairs and picture shows.

In conclusion, national defense and arts provide us the most vital two factors for a civilized country: security and spiritual pursuit. They are both irreplaceable and interactive with each other. Only when these two develop together in harmony, can a government be called qualified.


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