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Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? in Order to Attract Good Students, a University Should Spend a Lot of Money Funding Social Activities.

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Under the pressure of competition, some universities support social activities to attract students. It might be useful in a short time, but if it becomes a trend, the academic field will probably get much more frivolous. Therefore, I disagree with the proposal that educational institution should spend money in social activities to fix students’ eyes on them.

Honestly speaking, being a patron of social activities has a good effect on the popularity of universities and this will draw people’s attention. This effect is just the same as well-known professors showing on the TV, with the name of Yale, Harvard and so on. When a spectacular invent is held on the name of a university, it will be advertised with an image of caring about social activities and having a substantial funding. Furthermore, this popularity may in turn get funds from enterprises for the universities.

However, this action will only attract students eager about social activities, with nearly zero-effect on students who devote themselves to academic work. If a university is aimed at the achievements in academic fields, the leaders there would probably pay more attention to those students buried themselves in research, do not care much about what happens outside. And when such students choose places to study, they would focus on the research abilities of a university, the amount of Nobel or Fields Prizes it has acquired instead of how many activities they has supported.

Moreover, universities where higher education takes place and first-class research goes on are the places where imaginative innovations and fascinating discoveries exist. It is not the same places as corporations with the pure aim of profits. The totally industrialization of higher education is not an advance of humanity, but a regression of the whole world. The goal of a university should not be attracting more and more students, but providing conditions to students who are creative and fond of science and research, regardless...


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