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Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement: the Most Important Problems in Today's World Will Be Solved in Our Lifetime.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The most important   problems in today's world will be solved in our lifetime.

Some people believe that the most important problems in today’s world will be solved in our lifetime. I could not disagree more with this idea. Even though state-of-the-art technology and revolutionized science can eliminate the harmfulness of some environmental problems like wastewater treatment and garbage disposal, they fail to prevent the challenges caused by population increase which is developing unavoidably with the time and cannot be ceased by science.

Everyday we can see or be involved in the traffic jam. As newly-born is on the rise at a staggering rate, inspite of the indeed existence of population inverse growth in a few European countries, the global population has largely increased than decades of years ago. Accordingly, with the growth of population, there has been much more private cars than before. People drive cars to go to work and shopping from Monday to Sunday. The traffic congestion happened every day, especially in the rush hour. Due to the number of population will be add in the future, we hardly can combat the traffic jam.

Not only the traffic jam cannot be settled as a consequence of population growth, but also it put a strain on non-renewable resources. Compared with the increasing population, the resources including natural gas, petroleum and coal are in short supply on account of cars, industrial machines and steel smelting expend these above everyday in our daily life. However, those cannot regenerate. So how can it be solved by consumption is rising quickly while the amount of resources is declining?

Last but not the least, increasing population leads to the competition of work more fierce and will not be able to balance in our lifetime even in the future. Since the population is expanding year by year, under this circumstance, the number of graduate students is on the rise....


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