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Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Boys and Girls Should Be Educated in Separate Classrooms Using Different Teaching Techniques

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As a student educated in a gender-mixed system, I believe that a system in which boys and girls are educated separately would better serve children. Boys and girls not only learn differently, they are also much affected by each other's presence in the classroom, further inhibiting their learning. 

I believe that boys and girls generally learn differently. For example, I think that girls are much more able to sit through a lecture and listen quietly. As a child, I remember well the boys who were repeatedly scolded for being too fidgety and not listening to the teacher. Why was it that this scolding was so much more common with boys than with girls? I think that that particular teaching style is more suited to girls than boys. 

As teenagers, I believe that boys and girls become negatively affected by sharing classrooms. I remember not wanting to ask or answer questions for fear of looking too ignorant, or more often too smart, in front of the boys. A smart girl was never deemed as attractive as a stupid girl, or so it seemed. 

I believe that if boys and girls were educated separately, they would do better in school. Teaching styles could be designed specifically to gender, and boys and girls would not be negatively affected by each other's presence in the classroom.

I believe that boys and girls should be educated in same schools to prepare them well for the life after the school. They also learn how to become friends with each other and there will be fair teaching if they learn through the same techniques in same school.

Firstly, it is very important in today's time that girls and boys should have vast knowledge in every field . Education not only serve student to keep them informed about the acedemic and bookish knowledge but also the purpose of education is to teach them about the world behind the four walls. Co-education will help them in sharing each other's ideas and information and to increase the knowledge in their database.

Secondly, they...


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