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Celebrating Novruz Holiday

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Celebration Novruz

    One of the most interesting tradition in Azerbaijan is Celebration   Novruz. It is widely celebrated in Azerbaijan as a symbol of winter's leaving and spring's coming. Many ceremonies and devotions are dedicated to this day. Before the   holiday arrives, women do a major annual house-cleaning, two ore three weeks before the holiday, most families start to   grow a plate of samani-sprouted grains, such as wheate or lentils. This green symbolizes their hope for an abundant harvest in the coming year. In addition to enjoying many home-made sweets and getting new clothes for the holiday ,they love the tradition of “Papagatdi”. This practice is similar to Halloween   in the West but simpler. Children join their friends and place their hats in front of their neigbors’ doors, knock and run away to hide. Owners usually fill them with sweets ,toasted wheat, candy and fruits,which the children share among each other. There are a lot of devotions in Novruz. It is one of the most interesting, beautifull holiday in Azerbaijan.

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      Sport is good for you physically and mentally. It makes the little heart muscle big and strong. It helps get rid of toxins from the body. It makes you feel relaxed and is good for anxiety. If you feel depressed, go for a jog,a bike ride or a brisk walk, and you will come back feeling better; especiallyif you can go somewhere where there are trees and plants to look at forget the daily difficulties. I think sport is good for health and brain. I practise sport every day a week and it helps me to be more calm, not stressed. It's very important for the body.


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