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A Comparative Analysis of the British Parliamentary System and the American Presidential System

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  “A Comparative Analysis of The British Parliamentary System and The American Presidential System”
    The British Parliament and The American presidential system are the two of the strongest formal political institutions in modern times.  The American presidential system was built upon parliamentary ideals but was altered in a way that reflected the will of the American patriots who demanded proportional and fair representation. It is important to recognize that the two institutions share a number of common elements. These common elements serve in large part to ensure the proper execution of democratic principles. The differences between the two systems are what define their distinctive political objectives. These practices that show distinctions are for the most part formalities. The characteristics of both systems have been shaped by histories of discontent and warfare. The purpose of this essay is to examine the long history of the British Parliamentary system that began in the 13th century, spread to British territories during it's time as a colonial power in the 15th century and it's eventual impact and influence on the American system we know today. The way in which contact and conflict have shaped these two powerful political systems will also be examined.
    The British parliament emerged in the mid 13th century under Henry III  of England. This parliament was the framework for the modern British parliament that came into effect during the 17th century. This parliament was a simple concept, by which people, the kings advisors or lords would meet at an arranged time to discuss matters. In the mid 13th centuries, changes began to happen that would differentiate the parliament of the day to the previous parliament that was in place. Parliament became an important mechanism for collecting taxes, which is the main reason why it came into effect with a more serious role in government affairs under Henry III. Henry III was the first monarch to...


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