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Human Cloning: Unethical and Demolishes Human Individuality

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Hanson 1

Cloning (against)
Morgan Hanson
College Writing 2

Cloning is unethical and some believe it is playing the role of “God”.   To clone humans we are sacrificing our individuality and our humanity.   Cloning could result in an outbreak of mutants.   The experiments, while trying to develop cloning, are killing millions of eggs that we are used for development and testing of human cloning.
As of today,   five mammals; sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, and mice, have been used extensively in reproductive cloning studies. Numbers from these experiments clearly show the problems involved and are quite compelling.   Typically, very few cloning attempts are successful. Many clones die in the uterus, some even at late stages or soon after birth, and those that survive almost always suffer from severe birth defects.   In addition, female animals carrying cloned fetuses may face serious risks, including deat from cloning related complications.   Human reproductive cloning is likely to have similar negative outcomes.
Dr Ingver says, “Because many eggs are needed for human reproductive cloning attempts, human experimentation could subject more women to bad health effects, either from high levels of hormones used to stimulate egg production or because more women overall would be wanting to donate eggs, which involves surgery with its own dangerous risks.” (Dr. Ingver, Connecticut State University, 18 April 2007)
Some proponents of human reproductive cloning have argued that voluntary, informed consent would give people the option of making their own decisions about participation in the research.   When critical information is lacking, as it would be in this situation, fully informing patients of potential health effects is difficult or impossible. Moreover, the cloned offspring, who would face the greatest risks of abnormality and death, would not be in a position to offer consent. These circumstances provide additional reasons to exercise cautions.


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