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People in the Same Family Are Not as Close as Before. Some People Think We Should Return to Traditional Family Value but Others Think This Would Lead to Many Problems. Discuss.

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People in the same family are not as close as before. Some people think we should return to traditional family value but others think this would lead to many problems. Discuss.

Should we stick to traditional family values? A little girl might answer: It is not an issue at all! Being together with families is the sweetest thing ever! While a monotonous and frustrating life is probably the picture in a middle-aged woman’s mind. As far as I am concerned, it is unnecessary to change back to traditional family value, which might lead to a self-sacrificing life and   many conflicts.

When speaking of traditional family value, the majority tends to compromise and sacrifice themselves for the whole family. In general, traditional family value could be partially defined as keeping a close-kit relationship. Hence, such families tend to live together within the boundary, even at the expense of own pursuit and opportunities. For instance, currently, there is an increasing number of graduates, leave their hometown and pursue their dream in big cities. However, some are reluctant to temporarily separate with with their parents mainly because of family traditional responsibilities. That is to say, they abandon some chances that may benefit themselves, which ranges from a higher level of living standard to a prosperous business. To sum up, some families have no choices but to make a sacrifice to obey traditional family value, which is probably injudicious.

Apart from that, family conflicts is hardly unavoidable, especially in an extended family where family members spend all time together. There is a saying that ‘Distance makes beauty’. No doubt, the rate of conflicts generally rises when a couple get married and live together. In particular, they mainly argue for chores, For example, the allocation of housework, placement of plates and even clothing style of partners. In contrary, most families cherish their time together, and live in harmony with partners, if they are...


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