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How Can the Different Ways of Knowing Help Us to Distinguish Between Something That Is True and Something That Is Believed to Be True?

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There are precisely four ways of knowing. That is by perception, reason, language, and emotion.   Some might say that some of the four ways of gathering knowledge are more legit than the others. To me, emotion is the least legit way of being able to tell whether or not you know something. Reason and Language are both important ways of gaining knowledge. Perception is the most difficult way to be sure of whether or not you are gaining knowledge about something truthful, or something that is just simply believed to be true. However, before one can understand whether or not something is true or something is believed to be true, they must understand what being “true” and “believed to be true” are.
When something is truthful, no questions are raised on the subject and it is accepted. When something is believed to be true, then it is only true because one has made up their mind that it is true. However, in this theory, there does lay a discrepancy. Doesn’t it also hold that the only reason something is true is because the majority agrees that it is true, such as that space exists and that trees can grow tall? And isn’t it only believed to be true because only a minority accept it to be true? You might even say that there are some ideas and theories that were once “believed to be true” but now are established as “true,” such as the earth being round.
Reason, one of the four ways of knowing, depends on a person’s means of deducing a situation and using logic. However, what may seem obvious to one person might not seem obvious to another. We can communicate our findings through our language. Language is the best way to try and get a point across to another person. Language although mostly effective, can be a difficult tool to use when trying to relay information to a foreigner or someone who might speak the language fluently, but originated in a different country and culture. Meanings can get lost in translation.
If one chooses, he or she can believe a theory...


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