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Organic Food

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Why should all farmers grow organic food?

I am trying to find out why all farmers should grow organic food. I will look at the health reasons mainly. The definiton of organic food is when food is produced, packaged and processed without the use of chemicals. This has an effect on the body because the pestisides used in growing some foods can be dangerous. Organic foods have a higher food quality which other foods that have chemicals in do not have.  
Organic foods contain a chemical called phenolic, this helps to prevent heart disease and some types of cancer. Organic   foods are very nutritious however they may not always look as colourful as the normal foods in supermarkets(processed foods). Organic foods also put less of a strain on the enviroment. When you grow organic foods the pesticides erode   the top layer of soil; because there is no pesticides in organic foods there will not be this problem with the soil.
Most farmers will be better off if they grow organic fruit and vegetables because nothing you use is wasted. The soil is a mixture of compost and manure. These things are easily found around a farm because it comes from the animals. This adds to not wasting anything.   Also when growing organic foods there are no fossil fuels involved so thats less money you need to spend. The place where you grow the organic foods is on a raised bed or table in large plot inside a greenhouses. This means that the time you would normally spend digging the weeds you wouldnt have to do becasue its high and not connected to the main soil. Non-organic foods use fretilizers which are made up of chemicals that are used to stimulate the growth of crops. These fertilizers have added pestisides which will keep the crop healthy and which will grow more and more. When the crops are packaged and sold in shops they still have traces of fertilizer and pesticides on them. These toxic chemicals are bad for the body because they increase the risk of disease and...


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