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Module H & G
1) Ethnicity- shared identity related to social and cultural heritage such as values, language, geographical space, and racial characteristics.

2) Acculturation- process of adapting to and adopting a new culture.

3) Critical thinking- Involves determining the meaning and significance of what is observed, being able to judge the situation, and act quickly, efficiently, and provide the best choice of care to the patient under pressure and adverse situations, to save lives.

4) Nursing process- Process where nurses deliver care to patients. It is a patient centered, goal oriented method of caring. It includes 5 major steps: Assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation/intervention, and evaluation.

5) An example of critical thinking- I responded to an over head code in the ED while working in the ICU. In the assessment portion of the nursing process in relation to code; I noticed that while the physician was inserting the arterial line a nurse zeroed it before the Dr. was done connecting it. This really makes a difference in your wave formation. At this point the blood pressure on the monitor read 60/30. Another nurse hollered to me to “open up the Dopamine!” (Which was infusing) I had also noticed that the patient and he did not appear pale and had a palpable radial pulse. I responded to that nurse “No, I am not going to open up the Dopamine. That is not his real pressure”. The Dr. responded “I know I’m in an artery”. I explained that the art line needed to be zeroed as I walked over and zeroed it. The pt.’s BP then read 132/74.

6) Accountability- NEVER take shortcuts when caring for a patient, be responsible and use the standards of practice. If shortcuts are taken and adverse effects occur, you must be accountable for the outcomes of your actions. An accountable nurse is reliable and willing to recognize when nursing care is ineffective.

7) Three phases of an interview- Orientation phase(introduction, assessment, health data),...


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