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E-Commerce Companies

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(E-Commerce Companies)

Located in Seattle Washington, Amazon.com is one of the most famous E-commerce companies.   Amazon.com was the first American Company to sell products over the internet and was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon.com made its first step to further development in 2003 Amazon made it first annual profit. Amazon is one of the first businesses to establish an affiliate marketing program.
Amazon has developed an extremely loyal customer base, and they've cultivated that by continually lowering prices and adding features to their Web site.
The company has also weathered hard times that killed off most early online retailers.

As the dot-com craze reached fever pitch, it made some bad investments in failures like living.com and pets.com. When the bubble burst in 2000, it scaled back and laid off 1,300 employees. And it took several years to post a profit.

The bumps in the road and the lingering volatility of the company's stock price don't seem to phase Amazon's eternally ebullient CEO.
Amazon.com has steadily increased its spending on advertising and promotion to make its brand stronger and build. Amazon.com’s market success depends on its ability to maintain and grow its customer base by knowing and serving its customers better than its competitors and providing a higher level of value-added differentiation in customer service.
Amazon.com creates values for its customers by offering a synergy combination of the following benefits:
• Convenient of shopping at home
• Easy purchase
• Speed
• Decision-enabling information
• A broad selection
• Discounted prices
• Ordering fulfillment  



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