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Advantages of Being a Singleton

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NAME: Sophie

ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Advantages of Being a Singleton


LENGTH: 544 words

DATE DUE: Monday 8th   of November

DATE SUBMITTED: Monday 8th of November

  Nowadays, more people choose solo living.   It seems a positive development in many respects. Solo living means people live on their own. I think it is a positive development.

  1. Living   alone   could protect people’s privacy   well
    a) No room shared. Enough private space
        b) No arguments with families or roommates
          i) Domination from parents
              ii) Different lifestyles and habits
2. Be oneself. Enjoy one’s own life.
    a) Be empowering.
          i) Control one’s living environment
              ii) Be social or solitary as people want
        b) Better environment
            i) Avoid bearing bizarre roommates
                ii) Quiet environment to study, to think, to work
3. Development of independence.
    a) Decide anything on one’s own
        b) Be more responsible
            I) Pay bills on time
                ii) Take care of oneself
        c) Concession of living with others
            i) Get more useful suggestion
                ii) Feel loneliness
      In conclusion, living alone has lots of advantages.


Nowadays, there is a raise of the number of people who prefer to choose solo living .Solo living means people live on their own. Not only elder people but also youth would like to choose a different lifestyle from living with others.   In my opinion, living alone is a positive development. This essay is going to explore some advantages of living alone.

The first benefit of solo living is that people have more private and personal space...


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