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Goal Setting

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Goal setting and time management
Samuel Scott
Grand Canyon University
University Success
Apr 25, 2010

Goal setting and time management
      With anything in life one has to set goals and management ones time well. This is not always an easy task. When one does not set goals or manage ones time well one can start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Goals can be small or large. Goals can range from ones personal life to ones professional life. No matter what range of goals one set one has to make sure that the goals are met in a timely manner. One should not make ones goals to hard. All goals should be obtainable for the individual that the goals were set for. In this essay one will discuss ones professional goals, ones academic goals as well as ones personal goals. One will also discuss ones time management, and how time management affects ones goals.
      Three professional goals, three personal goals and three academic goals
      In ones profession goal setting sometimes can be difficult. The first professional goal one has is to graduate with ones degree. The second professional goal one has is to get a job that pertains to ones degree within six months after graduation. The last professional goal one has is to take the steps to open one’s own business. When it comes to one’s personal goals the first personal goal would be to lose 10 pounds in a month. The second personal goal would be to take the steps to own a home in two years, and the third personal goal would be to not procrastinate when it comes to getting things done. With academics ones first goal would be to do my homework on time, the second would be to participate more in the discussions, and the third would be to learn as much as possible.

      Cohesive vision statements
      In one’s personal life one has a cohesive vision to take steps to lose ten pounds in a month. One will take the needed steps, no...


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