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A Simple Analysis of the Paragraph Below

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(1)Our cat is quite lovely, nimble and also gluttonous. (2)Most of its slim body, except its belly, beard and four little hoofs, is covered by black fur, which is pure and shining. (3)Its sharp eyes are yellow and round. (4)All this makes it a good-looking and clean cat. (5)What’s more, our cat is quite sprightly. (6)Whenever I tease it, the cat always plays with me energetically, just like a lovely child. (7)It mews actively to my family’s call, as if to say: “I am here, what’s up?” (8)Almost every day, it fights playfully with its good friend-our little dog and sleeps close to the dog in the night. (9)In addition, our cat is quite nimble. (10)It has caught many insects for its own meals and even several sparrows. (11)From time to time, it goes out for several days and feeds itself on the game it hunts. (12)Except these merits, our cat has got a big shortcoming-gluttony. (13)I always regard it as the most gluttonous one among all cats. (14)It is extremely fond of eating, especially something delicious different from its daily diets, which often raises its appetite greatly. (15)Sometimes it even climbs up my leg out of eagerness. (16)And it will look at us attentively as long as my family’s mouth moves. (17)On smelling something delicious, it will sneakingly jump upon the desk to check. (18)The meat we just bought was found to be held in its mouth three times in a twinkling. (19)This is our cat. (20)I like it very much in spite of its gluttony.  
1.1 Grammatical Cohesion
1.1.1 Reference
    As one kind of grammatical links, reference plays quite an important role for the text to be cohesive. Reference items in English include pronouns, demonstratives, the article and other items. In this paragraph, many references are used. “Its” in “Most of its slim body, except its belly, beard and four little hoofs” “Its sharp eyes” and so on refers to our cat’s; all “it” in the paragraph refers to our cat; “this” refers to the appearance of the cat described above; “we” and...


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