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How to Save the Ailing Earth from Vehicular Pollution

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Print Durability
A page printed on the highest quality print setting can have the ink scraped off rather easily with a fingernail. Lower quality print settings do not pile up as much ink and are more durable but the ink can still scrape off.
Warm-up time
When the device is cold the first page may take several minutes to print. However, once the printer is warmed up, the time to print the first page is negligible.
Power consumption
The ink must be heated and a large portion of the printing mechanism must be kept at or near the ink's melting point during use. When the printer is in "sleep mode", most units keep a small pool of each color wax within the printhead heated to a temperature just above the ink's "freeze point". According to the Xerox service manual, this consumes about 50 watts.
Excessive Ink Usage
Every time the printer loses power for long enough to cause the portion of ink which was being kept above its "freeze point" in the printhead to drop below that temperature, the mass of ink in each reservoir would have contracted in size enough as a result of the cooling to permit air to enter the printhead, which would result in print aberrations until the printhead reservoirs had been refilled by the ink melter assembly above it. As a result, the printhead is then purged using a vacuum pump, causing some ink to be flushed from the printhead's holding tanks into the waste tray to remove the air from the printhead. (Xerox printers have a "waste ink" tray for this purpose. Since all four inks are dumped into a unified "waste ink" tray, it is impossible to reuse the lost ink since the four process colors coalesce to form a single solid mass in the tray, which look much like solidified candle wax drippings, but almost black.) If the printer was in its sleep state, less time without power would be required to necessitate a purge cycle than if the printer was in its ready-to-print state (since the printhead is kept much hotter when...


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