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The Gods Must Be Crazy (Movie Evalutation)

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Video Assignment: “The Gods Must Be Crazy”
                            Stephanie Mata
                                November 30, 2010

      Kate and Xi both live in opposite worlds, one lives in a society that is generally busy with people and is mostly made up with great advanced technology while the other community is very calm with great respect for the earth, people, and creatures around them. Xi was part of The Bushmen community and they mainly believed that taking more of their surroundings than needed to survive were very wrongful things do to. Therefore, they were very appreciative for what they were given on this earth and had a use for almost everything that benefited them for survival and happiness. The Bushmen were of the Hunter-Gatherer Society meaning that one would not rely on domestic resources to obtain edible food, plants, and even animals but they would use their own tools and advantages to attain such things.
      In the movie, a glass coke bottle was thrown out of an airplane and fell on the village of the Bushmen. They then believed that it was a sign/gift from the gods and at first had much usage to the people easing their work, but then it caused anger and hate towards each other. Many of the violence in these types of societies are caused mostly by grudges (i.e. usage of Coke bottle) rather than for money, territorial, or economical beneficiary reasons like the civilization where Kate resides, in the Post Industrial Society. This type of society is mostly based on economy and going through series of changes in industrialization. For instance, in the film, Kate was working in a business type of industry where there are phones are ringing and business men in their suits holding their papers angrily. The people in the city have many different aspects of life than Xi and the Bushmen, their environments are both completely different, one filled with highways and the other filled with animals to gather for feasting for the family which...


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