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World Strongest Force

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One argument in favour of staying in one's native country is that the problems of adapting to a new way of life cannot always be overcome. The fact of the matter is that, even in cases where the language is the same, there are other changes, such as cultural differences, which an outsider might find difficult to adjust to. Even the weather can force some people to return to their country of origin. For example, take an Inuit and an Amazonian Indian. They would almost certainly find it impossible to adapt to extreme climates of each other's native homes.

Furthermore, people who move to a foreign country may be regarded with suspicion and treated unfairly. In countries with a large number of immigrants there are often social problems, and immigrants stand out as be
ing 'different' and even inferior. As a consequence, the host country may react in a variety of ways, form open hospitality and racism to depriving the immigrants of the right to equal pay.

On the other hand, living abroad can be a way to escape a variety of problems in one's country of birth. For example, war, political or religious intolerance, and natural catastrophes are among the reasons for people seeking a new home in a foreign land. In such cases, people are often able to start a new life abroad with greater freedom and a higher standard of living.

Finally, it may be said that by living in a foreign country, people are able to establish a greater understanding between nations. That is to say, by working and living among foreigners, some of the barriers between countries can be broken down, helping to create a more peaceful world. Needless to say, better diplomatic relations would be of benefit for all.

Taking everything into consideration, we could say that living in a foreign country can be a difficult thing to obtain, as it implies accommodating to a new kind of people, who have their way of thinking and attitudes. But at the same time, leaving the native country can help somebody...


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