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Chindia or India Versus China ?

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The emerging countries are more and more increasing. Chindia (term used to describe a tight partnership between China and India) is one of them.
China and India are two emerging Asian giants, alongside Brazil and South Africa. These two countries have an impact not only on manufacturing or services industries but also on some field that we thought protected.
Can Chindia impact the world economy ?
We will see if these neighbouring countries can be partner or if there will of being the first economy in the world will be more important.

Part 1: Will Chindia rule the world soon ?

For a start, both countries are   dynamic countries which are rapidly emerging as the two of the most economically powerful nations in the world.
In fact if there is a Chindia economy, it would constitute the second largest economy in the world behind the United States. Indeed is likely to be larger than the United States by 2050.

China and India have also a lot of similarities so they can share experience and knowledge. China has the edge in the textile industry whereas India has the lead in cyberspace, Information Technology, and the back office of the world. The call centers, legal, medical, and accounting work is relocated there, also chip design, financial analysis, industrial engineering, drug research and biotechnology.
Moreover, both have manufacturing platforms, cheap labour force and low-cost competition, which is viewed as an unfair competition.

If they work together, they will penetrate much better foreign markets. However, before penetrate foreign markets, they will have to captive the market they share which represents 2.5 billion consumers.

Even if both have a big rural population who are still living at subsistent level, both are big countries which if they become business partners, will create the biggest free trade in the world. This will maybe require formation of a new currency comparable to the Euro. It will also become the first currency of the...


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