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India vs China

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India and China fight for Super power tag
The two countries meet face to face only at The Himalayas, all other things for comparison will make stand these two countries individually, at their own socio-economic-political-cultural areas. To know who is super power, India or China or two know each areas of strength and weakness, let’s get into the points of concern for both to become super power.
China can be called The Big tree of a forest, where plenty of things happen by nourishing other small plants and giving space for generation of more fruitful plants; that is its population. The one child per family policy is about to savor negative implications by large in future, through having more male births to continue their family and to maintain income levels, which leads to less female births, which doesn’t strike a balance between male to female sex ratio, and depicts the clear picture of future possibility to find a girl to sustain its offspring. Another major problem stands at the feet of China is, an unusual increase in the old age population which poses problem to maintain.
India being the next tree adjacent to the China in the forest of this world doesn’t have such limit of family members, which contributes more population and makes India the most populated country in the world in a decade span. Of this population, most of the people are below the age of 25 which adds new, promising, young talent to steer the Indian economy smoothly and also maintains female ratio which doesn’t leads to gender imbalance thus assuring working population balance to its best. Predicted to overtake China’s population in a decade, India has oceanic human capital which promises un parallel economy in the world.
Education System
Education being the cornerstone for any economy, China laid much emphasis and achieved an Adult literacy rate of 94% as provided in World Bank preliminary census for the year 2011. For adult girls it remains at 99% striking a...


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