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Louis Ix

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Louis IX of France
Louis IX was born on April 25, 1214, at Poissy, which is near Paris. His parents were King Louis VII and Blanche of Castile. He was a member of the House of Capet, which is the family line of the Capets, also known as The House of France or the Direct Capetians. It is named after the first Capetian King, Hugh Capet. He married Margaret of Provence on May 27, 1234, and had 11 children. He ruled during France’s height economically and politically. So French kings were considered more powerful than other kings in the time. They were thought to have the best military troops, and ruled the most prosperous kingdom.
Louis became king of France in 1226 and remained monarch until death. He was also known as Saint Louis. Because of his father’s death at age 12, he became king in 1226. Although, since he was too young to begin his rule his mother took over. In 1299, she signed a treaty with Raymond VII of Toulouse to end the Albigensian Crusade. The Albigensian Crusade was an event when the Catholic Church wanted to rid Cathar heresy in Languedoc from 1209 to 1229. Louis began ruling completely himself 1234.
From 1284 to 1254, he led the Seventh Crusade in opposition to Egypt along with his army of 15,000 men, and his brothers Alphonse of Poitiers and Charles I of Anjou. His army consisted of 3,000 knights, and 5,000 crossbowmen with 36 ships. They first sailed to Cyprus, then in early 1949 they arrived at Damietta, which is on the Nile River. They were immobile for six months there because of the Nile’s flooding. Finally in November they reached Cairo, where they reached their demise. As he was on his to Damietta in the March of 1250 his troops were wiped out at the Battle of Fariskur, where he was taken captive. In May he was ransomed for 400,000 livres tourmois. After he was released, he spent four year in the Acre, Caesarea, and Jaffe Kingdoms.
Then 1270, Louis began the Eighth Crusade, this time with less support that the last. This time,...


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