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Managing Your Writing Project

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Managing Your Writing Project
When you are assigned to a writing project, it is good practice to follow general project management methods as part of your process. An important part of managing a writing project is documenting all the requirements and initial factors. You should also document your progress, the outcome and lessons learned. This will help you in this project and in future writing projects.
Questions you may have include:
    • What is the general requirement of the project?
    • How do you do a writing plan?
    • What are the results of such actions?

Get general requirement

A writing project usually starts with receiving a general requirement, such as "Upgrade our software's user manual, including all changes and new features." You may also get a deadline for when the project is due.
Ideally, you would like to get this information near the beginning of the work on the product, but unfortunately writers are often brought in almost as an afterthought. This makes it all the more important to understand the requirement.

Development scenarios

In the case of a software project, the development manager typically has a specification of product features wanted. Each feature may be listed as an individual specification, as part of an overall plan of action. The manager works with the programmers to develop the software. Ideally, the writer should be involved in this development process, although they are often called in down the road the document what has already been completed.
Likewise, in the case of writing hardware documentation, the manager works with the engineers on developing a product according to a specification or technical requirement document. The writer usually documents how to use or repair the final product, as well as the product's various features.

Know what is needed

In either case, it is important to know exactly what is needed and to get involved as soon as possible.

Put together writing plan

Once you get...


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