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A Journal from a Personal Experience.

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A journal from a personal experience
My coming to Toronto was a double transition in my life. The first one was my marriage and the second was a life as a new immigrant. The marriage itself was a big transition from being a single woman into being married with a very busy life style. My husband   had a   big family, which happened to be in a totally different part of the world from what I was accustomed to. I met my husband here when I was visiting my cousins who live in Toronto around fifteen years ago. I was only twenty-four years old and working a lot of double shifts as a nurse after finishing Nursing College. Following college, I worked for five years in a very good private   Medical Center. Nevertheless, I took a vacation and decided to come here as far away as possible from stressful nights causing   my body to shut down . This manifested when I would often lose my consciousness from the physical overload of working hours. I took a trip to Toronto , where I met my future husband and within a year we got married. Through him I met the biggest family that I have ever known . As it turned out I was the only bread winner , and ended up from looking my mom   and my younger brother, and my husband and I , which was   overwhelming by itself. Then on the other side it was a totally new country with a new language, and bright, diverse activity country. When I initially came to Canada I was surprised by the political structure that encompasses different nations and cultures who live in such mutual respect despite their different beliefs (religious or political) and with expanded hospitality. Needless to say , there is an unusual amount of   acceptance of the diverse cultures with equal standing in social and ethical aspects.


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