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3 Dimensional Advancement Technology ( 3d)

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With the advancement of science and technologies as the world has become more complicated it is also become simple too and with related to that  today I am going to speech you about one of the advancement that science has given to the field of media which is the 3 dimensional advancement technology. A technology which has richen the visual and sound effects of modern world.
    3d is a technology from which we can not only see the only one side of a picture but it gives us beyond that image and provide the realistic art with all the sides surroundings it that makes it closer to a bona fide object. Similarly with the sound, everyone who loves music know the captivity of the surround sound, 3 dimensional sounds is a great advancement in the sounds also now people could amazingly feel the difference in their sounds with this 3 waves surrounding technology. As the 3 dimensional technologies arrived people started attracting towards it and its popularity is day by day escalating. Recently a great Hollywood director used 3d visual effects in his film called avatar people really enjoyed its 3d effects designing and the movie got a record hit business. After the great success of the movie now other movies are also making on this dimensional system we hope that it soon will be obtainable in Pakistani media presentations also.
      With the advancement of world and spreading of technologies in masses this 3d revolution is also rapidly being available to the common man .Now the 3d sound is provided in various applications like cell phones, media players and play stations etc. with which now you and I can easily get pleasure from this luxury.
             These three minutes are not enough for this great invention to light on. I hope it will soon on hand in our country at a reasonable price too and we will enjoy the fun soon. Now before ending my speech I just want to leave with this thought that people say science is a curse but I believe it’s proved to be wrong with the...


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