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Patent Mill Introduces the Advanced Technology

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From the perspective of industry chain, the boom of the mineral resources is closely related with mining machinery. The boom of mineral resources will inspire more industrial capital to expand the exploration, increasing the demand for mining equipment (jaw breakers, belt conveyor). On the other hand, the expansion of mineral scale will also increase the demand for mining equipment.Viewing from the coal industry, coal is the main energy in our country, which is an essential material basis for the development of economy and society and plays an important role in China s energy structure.According to the the estimate of relevant departments, demand for China’s building sand can achieve 600 million tons every year, and even there is no sand to be used in the peak, which not only causes the circulatory chain of resources and environment incomplete, but also influents the progress of the project construction. In addition, our country has a lot of metal and non-metallic mineral and about 40% – 60% of the tailings will be produced in the process of mining and processing. In fact, there are quite a lot of tailings not reasonably used. They waste the resource, occupy land, and cause new environmental pollution. Purchasing the German advanced new rotor, mechanism of sand production industry the breakthrough, research and development success 5 X series of sand efficient machine, its the rotor for opening type, the back of the plate embedded in the groove. Blow plate can from the side or fixed above board insert, with fixed wedge.Dryer machine Blow the board S type fusion blow board and Q type blow the advantages of the board, can you adjust a head to use and improve the utilization ratio. In order to enhance the mobility of crusher have also developed wheel type and caterpillar mobile of broken standing, of which the crusher type wheel in America is more welcome, caterpillar in Europe is more welcome.But if you use the impact crusher, sand making machine and other crushing...


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