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Social Theory

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Let’s start with a definition of what is a sociological theory?   Sociological theory is group of assertions that is used to reach a conclusion in how to resolve a problem, action, behavior in an assortment ways. Every theory has its own opinion and explanation about different aspects of society, but none of them is considered better than the other one. I’ll be analyzing college’s education from three different perspectives.
Functionalism theory or Macro-sociology Perspective is based on maintaining a stable social system when all the parts contribute to it in doing their job. They don’t believe in change, it is like a pie where every ingredient is important and if one ingredient is bad, the whole pie is ruined. Then if an element or process doesn’t contribute to this system it won’t pass to the next generation.
As Functionalism viewers, college is the continuation of our education, a place where persons learn what they need to perform a specific job, learn norms, values and ethics that will help them through life. This system is really conservative and they try to keep the basic values, they ignore social injustice. As Max Weber explain a good education open the doors for a better job and higher social status.   All these will be beneficial to not only the individual but to society as a whole because the individual will be financially stable and will meet the requirements to be a good citizen with basic values.
College as an institution prepares a person to be competitive as an adult in a job market, gives them all tools to further pursue their education or enter a work environment, but also it also has some intentional and unintentional functions that Robert Merton mentions in his work, manifest function (intentional): college offers students academic excellence in contrast to latent function (unintentional): college is a place where students meet prospective marriage candidates.  
Conflictive Perspective, its function is based in...


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