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The Speed of Film

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Joshua Sissoyev
Period 3
Ms. Schulz
Career Biography
Multi-Media Production
“The Speed Of Film”
Imagine a world of utter spectacular perfection, so beautiful and amazing that one must share it with everyone possible. The only problem is that they cannot see the creation that is locked in your mind. Sure one could describe these tales through vivid writing, but it will still seem to lack substance. It is said that, “One picture is worth ten thousand words” (Fred R. Barnard, 1927) and yet even a single imagine falls short of an imagination. However, the speed of film has managed to capture even the most creative of minds. High resolution film moves with 60 perfectly sequenced frames per second. This is more than enough to portray a clear view of someone’s imagination, especially since the average movie is approximately an hour and a half. Meaning that when your ideas move at the speed of film there are 4.68 billion pictures that are each worth ten thousand words. That means that a single film is able to do the work of 46.8 trillion words. That is hard proof that film is the only way to express your thoughts that will be able to do your imagination justice. This is why a career in the film industry is such an exciting thought. Film experts say, “A movie producer has the most important position in film production” (Film Production, 2010) they get to oversee everything from the top and are in charge of the entire production. From pre-production to post-production, they get to dab their talents into a little bit of everything.
The average person would say that a director is the most important person on the set. They are the most powerful, but certainly not the most important. All of the professions are important when creating a film, but each has its own specific field of expertise. For example, set designers only designs the set. This is the same for a director; he or she watches over the production and makes the hard decisions. A producer gets to...


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