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Evolution, Problems and Future of Humanity.

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Evolution, Problems and Future of

      Vsevolod Smirnoff.

Contents.- Before the industrial revolution. Industrial revolution and after it. Problems of the humanity. Problems within the humanity. .
About the future.


Before the industrial revolution.

      The life of primitive humans, hunters and gatherers, could not differ much from that of animals. It may be supposed that they lived in not very large groups of related people guided by the most capable of them. They must have defended from other groups a territory sufficient to maintain their life. If it ceased to be sufficient, the group or part of it must have gone away to look for some other available, dispersing the humanity on the globe. In the first stages of evolution of the humankind, its Individuals were adapting already for their needs objects obtained from the natural surroundings: arranged habitations, used hides for protection from cold, sharpened pebbles and bones for using them as tools or parts of weapons. It was the epoch of collecting fruits of forests and fields, and of hunting animals and other comestible creatures. However, locally evolution was more advanced. There were primitive agriculture and domestication of animals, pottery, tools and weapons of bronze, jewelry of gold, textiles. Agriculture was consequence and cause of the transformation of gatherers and hunters into farmers and artisans. Indeed, agriculture required settled life of people in plains with appropriate soil, permanent dwellings, more appropriate clothing, domesticated animals for food and work, know how of the agriculture and of the manufacture of products for   the new mode of existence. Natural products consumed before by the humanity were replaced in growing proportion by the elaborated

      At first, population must have been growing, but very slowly because life was hard and hazardous. In comparison, the life of farmers and artisans was more comfortable and secure. Therefore,...


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