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Mr Brightside

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Yasmin Castaneda
English Essay
Describe someone who has truly impacted your life
Mr. Brightside
It has been two months since I have actually been able to have a real conversation with him. I have known him all my life from primary school to high school and living in the same area but never engaged on a one to one talk. I believe very confidently that one person can change the world. That one person may not be able to do a whole lot physically to change the world, but one person has the power to inspire others to help that person change the world. Presently, he is my everything, living each day like we are dying and here are some aspects as to what made him an influential person in my life.
I was recently recovering from a dreadful heart break where I came up to the conclusion that nothing else mattered, that nothing was possible, that I was pleading to a God I thought did not existed. This person just came in at the perfect moment when I felt my world was crashing on top of me and no solution was available. He is someone you don’t come across regularly with his unconditional and genuine love, immense feelings, unique expressions and never ending smile and laughter. He was a new beginning and proof of hope that happiness can be found again and that life can make sense once more. With his compassion and kindness he lifted me up by putting me back on track to be happy again, to smile everyday, to hope for a better day and to believe that when in time of need God is always there to help, even if it is through people. He was truly what I believed an angel on earth because of how amazing he was when we first sat down to converse about life and its ups and downs and extending his warm hug and shoulder for me to cry on. Our friendship grew till suddenly it became more than that. I had found out that love comes again when you least expect it. When I see his face, there is not a thing that I would change because he is just amazing just the way he is,...


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