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Pain Inside Beauty Pageants

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I.   Introduction
    A.   It's 5:00 p.m. on Friday, and a little girl and her mom have finished with the first of three long days. As the little girl walks off the stage empty handed, she looks at her mom with teary eyes as if she has failed both herself and her mom. Many children like this little girl , are forced into beauty pageants each year. All this girl sees are other children leaving the stage with a sparkling trophy and their parents running over and giving them a big hug while she walks off the stage with nothing and she sees her parents turning away.
Striving to be a beauty queen is a danger to the physical and mental health of our young girls today. Today i will tell you why beauty pageants are harmful and what girls do to become the next beauty queen, and at what cost?
II. Body
    A. Facts
  1.   Child beauty pageants began in the 1960's as a tourist attraction.
  2. Child beauty pageants consist of modeling sportswear & bikinis, evening attire, dance and talent.
  3.   The children are judged based on individuality in looks, perfection, and confidence
    B. Preparation
  1 All family members go through financial and emotional stress.
              Some mothers lie about their child's age.
        2 Costs - There is a minimum cost of $545 to enter the pageant. Another $395 is needed for the maximum options of this pageant. The average cost of the pageant is about $655 which includes the formal wear, sports wear and dance. The average cost does not include travel, hotel and food, which can be up to an extra two hundred dollars. According to several stage mothers participating in Universal Royalty, dresses for sports and formal wear can cost up to $12,000 with a minimum of $1500. All for a slim chance of winning.
  3 Rigorous training up to 9 hours a week, With all of the time that the child is putting into practicing and reciting, she has very little time to play with the other children school work and learn life skills. Also if...


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