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Energy Independence Begins with Energy Efficiency

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Energy Independence begins with Energy efficiency - It's cheaper to save energy than to make energy (“Out of Oil, Here Comes the Sun”)

Why high oil prices haven't cut demand.

As oil at $100 and over going to $200 .

Bigger economic incentives needed to conserve energy

Driving habits little changed by gas prices
May 12: American motorists continue to fork over more money at the pump and are not changing their driving behavior despite rising fuel prices.
Despite higher fuel prices, demand hasn't fallen as it did after the 1970s oil shocks. Energy researchers say it will take greater economic incentives to boost energy efficiency and cut consumption. Accelerate the implementation of renewable energy generation, Solar, Wind, etc..
      Updated June 18, 2008
      by Jay Draiman, Energy Consultant

      Sustainability - "We strive to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

      Today’s energy industry is perhaps the world’s most powerful.  Energy is the basis of this entire world’s wealth, and for perhaps earth’s entire history, the sun’s energy has fueled all ecological and economic systems.  If early humans did not learn to exploit new sources of energy, humankind would still be living in the tropical forests.  Without the continual exploitation of new energy sources, there would have been no civilization, no Industrial Revolution and no looming global catastrophe.
      In order to insure energy and economic independence as well as better economic growth without being blackmailed by foreign countries, our country, the United States of America’s Utilization of Energy Sources must change.
      "Energy drives our entire economy.” We must protect it. "Let's face it, without energy the whole economy and economic society we have set up would come to a halt. So you want to have control over such...


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