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A Bunny with No Hop

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Bunny That Had NO Hop

This story is about a bunny named Isabelle.   Isabelle is a very funny, outgoing ,and calm bunny.   She was intimidated by all the other bunnies because she didn’t know how to hop.   Which is unusual because EVERY bunny should know how to hop.   She was embarrassed by her inability to hop.

  Well one day after school she was walking and all of her friends were hopping around playing all the hot, NEW games that involved hopping.   So she just kept walking and said she had homework.   When in all reality she didn’t.   So about two weeks later she was walking home again from school.   And she saw these monkeys doing this fantastic dance.   And she really wanted to learn how to do this. It was a hop but with a twist.   She started to talk to these monkeys ,who happened to be gorillas, and they told her that they could teach her if she wanted.   Well Isabelle really wanted to but like always she made up an excuse. And she went home.  

The next day she passed up the gorillas again and they asked her to come over.   So she did and then they told her that she had to learn because they really liked Isabelle.   She started to learn and then she kinda got the hang of it.   And you know they really started to become friends.   So then the next day there was a party after the football game.   And the Gorillas invited her.   She said yes because she thought now that I can hop it wont be a problem and plus she had a crush on ,Big Poppa, one of the Gorillas.   She went straight home and got ready for this party and was looking pretty FRESH.   So her girls came over and got her and was telling them about Big Poppa and was really excited about the party.   After the football game they all went over to the party.   She got there and immediately she saw him.   Her heart skipped a beat.   She just couldn’t wait until she talked to him.   So the DJ was playing all the new songs and then the Gorillas started to dance.   And everybody was just watching in amazement.   And then Big...


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