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Towns of Uk

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Codes   itsgallus

      Plain Text Cheat Codes

      Type these codes during gameplay. The set code can be uppercase or lowercase.
      Effect Code
      All Cars Have Nitro SPEEDFREAK
      Always Midnight NIGHTPROWLER
      Boats Fly FLYINGFISH
      Cars Float Away When Hit BUBBLECARS
      Elvis is Everywhere BLUESUEDESHOES
      Faster Gameplay SPEEDITUP
      Funhouse Theme CRAZYTOWN
      Gang Members Everywhere ONLYHOMIESALLOWED
      Gangs Control the Streets BIFBUZZ
      Have Jetpack ROCKETMAN
      Hitman In All Weapon Stats PROFESSIONALKILLER
      Huge Bunny Hop CJPHONEHOME
      Infinite Ammo, No Reload FULLCLIP
      Invisible car WHEELSONLYPLEASE
      Max All Vehicle Skill Stats NATURALTALENT
      Max Muscle BUFFMEUP
      Max Respect WORSHIPME
      Max Sex Appeal HELLOLADIES
      Mega Jump KANGAROO
      Mega Punch STINGLIKEABEE
      Ninja Theme NINJATOWN
      No Wanted Level Testeducationalskills
      Perfect Handling STICKLIKEGLUE
      Recruit Anyone (Rockets) ROCKETMAYHEM
      Reduced Traffic GHOSTTOWN
      Six Star Wanted Level BRINGITON
      Slower Gameplay SLOWITDOWN
      Spawn Devil OLDSPEEDDEMON
      Spawn Dozer ITSALLBULL
      Spawn Hunter OHDUDE
      Spawn Hydra JUMPJET
      Spawn Monster MONSTERMASH
      Spawn Quad FOURWHEELFUN
      Spawn Racecar VROCKPOKEY
      Spawn Stretch CELEBRITYSTATUS
      Spawn Stunt Plane FLYINGTOSTUNT
      Spawn Trashmaster TRUEGRIME
      Sunny Weather PLEASANTLYWARM
      Thunderstorm SCOTTISHSUMMER
      Traffic is Cheap Cars EVERYONEISPOOR
      Traffic is Fast Cars EVERYONEISRICH
      Very Sunny Weather TOODAMNHOT
      Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools PROFESSIONALSKIT

      Contributed By: PhenomenalAJStyles, kingfinn, GamingMagician, and tiwali05.
      Random Text Cheat Codes

      Type/enter these...


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