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Fanfiction Based On Characters From Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series
Rated MA for Mature Adult

By lambCullen
Summary: The Diary. An elite artists retreat, owned by the Cullen Foundation.
Edward Cullen wants Bella Swan to attend, but is it for more than her art? AH/AU/
canon couples,eventually- there is a slight diversion.

      Chapter 1

        Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

      “Jesus, Edward, just fuck me!”

      I hated that whiny voice, but Rose was always on tap when I needed to get rid of some tension. Today I definitely needed the release, because I had finally seen her. The brunette. My brunette.

      “Edward, stop chewing on my fucking neck and screw me!”

      I gritted my teeth, as I rammed her into the wall of my office, pulling her skirt up, and gripping her thighs harshly around my hips.

      “Shut up, Rosalie.”

      I just wanted sex. She always opened her mouth during our office quickies, and it irritated me. I briefly considered putting something hard in there to keep it busy, but she moved her ass down, and finally impaled herself on my cock. I groaned; Rose was every man’s wet dream, because she never wore panties.

      what I would give her.

      All too quickly, I began to feel her tighten around my cock, and I thrust so hard her head banged harshly against the wall. She only moaned louder, wanting more.

      I pictured her, as my balls began to tighten, and I felt my stomach start to spasm. Just as my cock began to pulse with my orgasm, Rose started thrashing around with hers. She looked repulsive when she came, and the screeching was just too much. If I wasn’t already emptying myself into her at that point, my dick would have shrivelled up in a stunned retreat.

      The last of my cum seeped out of my cock, and I immediately withdrew, setting her on her feet. I removed the condom, placed myself back into my trousers, and...


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