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Summery Essay on to Kill a Mocking Bird

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Summery Essay on To Kill a Mocking Bird

In the second chapter, we find out that it’s the first day of school of a young girl named Jean Louise Finch, who is almost always called by her nickname, Scout, she is six years old. We soon find out that her new teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher, doesn’t know much about this county yet and so does not know how to handle the kinds, nor the situations she is put in very well.

When Miss Caroline Fisher finds out that Scout knows already how to read and right and has been taught by her father Atticus, a lawyer and only parent, she takes it very badly and tells Scout to tell her father to stop teaching her how to read.
If we consider the setting of the book, we can somewhat understand why Miss Caroline takes it badly, its her first time teaching kinds here and she wants to try out a different way of teaching, but feels a bit overwhelmed by everything and so feels that Scout is ruining her teaching, but what she doesn’t understand is that in this town there are different family’s with very different ways of life and problems, in those times, life was very difficult, you had to work yourself to death to survive mostly if you are in a county where most of the population are farmers, so most of the kids aren’t very intellectual and so it’s going to be a very hard task for Miss Caroline.
Scout takes it very badly when the teacher tells her off for being taught by her father, she doesn’t get why its bad, so and break time, she decides to tell her older brother Jem who is 4 years her senior on who she often asks for advice, after all, isn’t that what brothers are for? Jem try’s to explain to Scout that its Miss Caroline’s first time teaching and she is trying a new way of teaching so Scout should be a little understanding.

As the day continues, things don’t get any better between Miss Caroline and Scout. Its lunch time and Walter Cunningham one of Scouts class mate didn’t bring a lunch to school. That’s when the Teacher wants to...


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