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"why will some1 search the entire house for the remote but wont get up and change the channel?" - HongNhung


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We are living in a world of modern social thought, or the generation of instant gratification.

We are a class of impatient population. 24 hours seems less for us to do what we wake up to do.
And materialism is only a medium of doing it. Materialism does not mean over dependency on something or running towards greed, it can sometimes help you keep a score of your daily life.

Materialism perfectly fits in the emerging type of living.
Rather than taking materialism as a prise de position or a show of class and stature, it should be taken as a set of qualities that simply do not follow the traditional philosophies.

It is impossible to live as a enemy of materialism or else the society might tag you as an outcast, as one who does not belong to them.

Being materialistic does not mean being materialistic by thoughts. One can still have simplistic thoughts running through his/her mind and at the same time can manage the worldly chores using materialistic belongings.

If simplicity can be justified as a science of being restrictive and needful, materialism can be justified as a science of scientificity and convenience.

It was materialism only that made an artist draw paintings of ape like humans to justify the claims that we are just animals and or existence is   a mere accident -when fossil experts cannot even agree on who our supposed ancestors were or what they looked like?

It was materialism only that made Thomas alva Edison invent one of the most prolific invention of practical electrical devices in history. If he would sat with a candle in his hand all his life we would probably be in darkness. It was his sense of materialism only that made him use tungsten and apply it in his hypothesis of inventing a light bulb.

If the veteran Alexander Graham Bell had never wished of talking with his loved ones sitting far away, we would have to call the ambulance manually.

In my understanding, Materialism like every other characteristic is a prerogative...


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