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The Knock, the Wish, and the Freedom

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Who's there? A friend!
The news, the news!
Knock, knock, knock!
What news? Tell me quickly!
Quickly indeed, a Napoleon has fled!

Whose Napoleon, mine, yours or theirs?
Theirs indeed, yours is next.
Yours should be next, mine is sleeping.
True indeed but mine is awake
Get on at it, yours is worse
Yes indeed but mine is sleeping

Knock, knock knock, yours has awakened
Put him on the run, for mine is sleeping
Yes indeed but mine is eating
Put yours on the run for mine is snoring
His snore is loud and my ears are hurting

Knock, knock, knock, the sun is setting
When the sun sets mine goes back to seep
Knock, knock, the sleep is pretence
Put him on the run for the sleep to be eternal
An eternal sleep is better with the tyrant awake

Knock, knock the bloke is awake
He is awake indeed and he will hear my whispers
And when he hears my whispers my head may be chopped
Knock, knock knock, my shoulde is hurting
My head is on my shoulder but yours is missing

Knock, knock knock, your mind is missing
Your mind is missing and your eyes are dim
Knock, knock, knock, how can you see,
How can you hear   that your Napoleon is a robber
A robber of your wealth, but your resolve is weak

Knock, knock, knock, your heart is feint
Your hands are strong but your heart is feint
Knock, knock, knock strenghten up your muscles!
The muscles of your resolve for your resolve to be free

Knock, knock, knock the night has come
The night has come, but the day will again follow
The light will again shine but on those with resolve
The light will shine but only for the strong
None will fight anotheer's wars for freedom is for the strong.

Dr Oliver Akamnonu
Astoria, New York
Feb, 28,   2011


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