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Proposition 8

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Prop 8
One of the most controversial topics in not just California but the entire United States is the subject of same sex marriage and should it be recognized as legitimate by the church and the religious community. This debate pits both parties in a dispute that has gained very little ground in either direction, the issue of individual rights versus religious beliefs; With the U.S. government left in the middle to mediate. It is highly likely that the issue of recognizing same sex marriage in America would lead to many legal disputes against the church, based on the church’s responsibility to its faith and the government’s responsibility to ensure the fair treatment of its individual citizens.
To begin with, the church’s responsibility to its faith and beliefs is the biggest reason why gay couples have attempted legal pressure to persuade the religious community to accept them in the eyes of the church. What they ask for is impossible; to demand that the church reverse the beliefs that it has passed down and spread throughout the world for 1000’s of years. In late 2009, heads of various Christian denominations issued the Manhattan Declaration, a statement that expressed unity in the Christian world in the fight against gay marriage. In almost a year the Declaration has been signed by over 485,000 people. This show of collaboration behind this countries faith in the church explains why gays have not gained much ground in their crusade for marital equality.

The United States government is by default the all-time quarterback in this situation, but that doesn’t mean that the game isn’t fixed. The government is used to playing big brother, but what the government is originally known for is protecting its citizens. With so many lawsuits as of late relating to gay rights, the government is stumbling over itself trying to decide right from wrong on the issue of gay marriage. Up to this point, those against it are winning the war by overturning the controversial...


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