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Reasons for the Annexation of Texas

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The Annexation of Texas was one of the most debatable

events in American history. The question at hand would, in either

which way chosen, deeply impact the United States for generations

to come. There was on one side a long list of reasons for why to not

allow annexation, but there was the same kind of list on the other

side for reasons to push forward for annexation. Some of these

reasons of both sides were slaves, war, manifest destiny, politics ,

and constitutional rights. Also the way Texas began in a way said that

they should be apart of the United States In the end there were more

important reasons for annex Texas into the union, than to leave

Texas the was she was.

From the early days of pioneers and settlers, thousands of

Americans began to move into what would become Texas. The

Mexican government was wanting to populate the Texas area to

increase the economy. For a long period of time the Mexican

government had placed many laws on the territory, but none that

were deeply inforced. Finally when a new dictatorship came into

power, they began to enforce the laws. Slavery among other issues

was the big problem with the American Settlers, which with in a few

years out numbered the Mexican population twice if not more in

Texas. The United States had been trying to purchase Texas and

other territories unsuccessfully. A movement began to stir in Texas

for revolution. The American Settlers were tired of Mexican

dictatorship and wanted the same freedoms they enjoyed back in

America. So with a little bit more influence from America a revolt was

formed. Eventually Texas would capture Santa Anna the Mexican

dictator and with independence for Texas. So a major reason for

Texas to be annexed into the United States was that the


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