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Essays for History: United States

  1. 1950’S Youth Culture
    Youth culture in the nineteen fifties was a time that opened up the world to be integrated for whites and blacks. In this paper the fifties are analyzed through the clothing, styles, cars, family life, and most importantly entertainment. <br...
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  2. American History Examination Essay
    It is the intent of this paper to prove that the "American Dream" can <br /> best be explained as a "ciity upon a hill." "Ciity upon a hill" meaning <br /> being above and superior over those below. The Civil War, the imperialistic <br /> race of...
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  3. Attack on World Trade Center
    Terrorism is the bug of 21 century. Throughout history it has appeared in many various ways: hijacked planes, ships, trains. But never was terrorism committed in such a terrible way as on Tuesday, September 11 in New York City. This tragedy affected...
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  4. Civil War Painting
    The civil war was one of the most astonishing and longest wars of all times, It spanned over eight years and had approximately more than a million casualties. People of all ages and generations lost their lives in this war. One thing that makes...
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  5. Critque the Efficiency of of Fdr's Administration
    Critque the efficiency of of FDR's administration at alleviating the suffering of the Great Depression <br /> <br /> FDR truely tried to help the people and wanted to make a change. He was <br /> mostly <br /> successfull with his New Deal...
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  6. Discrimination in Usa
    The 1920’s were a period of economic boom in USA, but most of all, of discrimination. There were two groups who, apart from remaining out of the economic boom, were discriminated and suffered poverty. These people were Blacks and Immigrants. <br...
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  7. Early Settlers
    In such a new land, early settlers were bound to make mistakes and go through difficult times, but these tests were what made American colonists aware of problems that surrounded them. It was not the problems they faced that made the settlers able...
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  8. Economic and Social Effects of Prohibition
    There are many ways in which prohibition of alcohol consumption in the United States of <br /> America, damaged the very economic and social aspects of American culture, that it was <br /> designed to heal. <br /> “Prohibition did not...
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  9. Election of Lincoln and Civil War
    How did the election of Lincoln to president in 1860 lead to civil war in the United States of America? <br /> <br /> Essay: <br /> <br /> In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected as president of the United States of America, the repercussions...
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  10. Essay on the F.B.I.
    To uphold the law through the investigation of violations of federal <br /> criminal law; to protect the U.S. from foreign intelligence and terrorist <br /> activities; to provide leadership and law enforcement assistance to <br /> federal...
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  11. Events Leading to the American Revolution
    During the late seventeen hundreds, many tumultuous events <br /> resulted in Colonial opposition to Great Britain. The conditions <br /> of rights of the colonists will slowly be changed as the <br /> constriction of the parliament becomes...
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  12. Globalization
    We live in a time of worldwide change. What happens in one part of the world impacts people on the other side of the world. People around the world are influenced by common developments. <br /> The term Globalization is used to describe this...
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  13. Immigration & Americas Future
    The world has gone through a revolution and it has changed a lot. We <br /> have cut the death rates around the world with modern medicine and new <br /> farming methods. For example, we sprayed to destroy mosquitoes in Sri <br /> Lanka in the...
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  14. Immigration Into the Usa
    My essay is a nation of immigrants in the United States which is about German, Irish, Jewish immigrants in the 1800’s or early 1900’s. I’m a Asian so I know about Asian immigration. But I didn’t know about Europe immigration...
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  15. Important Presidential Elections
    <br /> <br /> Some of the most important presidential elections <br /> <br /> 1812 <br /> <br /> The election of 1812 consisted of a battle between James Madison, and De <br /> Witt Clinton. Madison had represented both...
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  16. Is the Pledge Constutional?
    If you think about it, you have probably been saying the Pledge of Allegiance everyday since first grade. When you initially learnt it, you didn’t even know what it meant and by the time you did understand it, you said it by pure rote. No one...
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  17. Jackson vs. Mcclellan
    General Lee said, to be a good soldier you must love the army, to be a good general you must be prepared to order the death of the thing you love, and therein lies the great trap of soldiering. When you attack you must hold nothing back." Thomas J...
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  18. John D. Rockeffelar and Northern Securities
    In 1859 John D. Rockefeller started one of the greatest monopolies of the progressive era. The Standard Oil Company grew to dominate the oil industry and became one of the first big trust in the United States. In 1870 the Northern Pacific Railway...
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  19. John Dickinson
    Even though John Dickinson lived in the colonies, he supported the King and England. He became the “Penman of the Revolution”, but mostly in favor of the king. He tried to suppress the war, but he wasn’t successful.<br /> Born in 1732 in...
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  20. King Philip’s War: America's Most Devastating Conflict
    King Philip’s War (1675-76) is an event that has been largely ignored by the American public and popular historians. However, the almost two-year conflict between the colonists and the Native Americans in New England stands as perhaps the most...
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  21. Klu Klux Klan
    The Ku Klux Klan was a brutal, suppressive cult organization which fought to deny the basic civil rights and human liberties granted to citizens of the U.S. by the Bill of Rights to African-Americans, immigrants, Roman-Catholics, Jews, socialists...
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  22. Lee Harvey Oswald: Killer or Scapegoat?
    On November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, "the Crime of the Century" took place. President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dealey Plaza while touring through the city in his open-roof limousine. After the shots were fired, police began looking for...
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  23. Main Causes of the Great Depression
    The Great Depression was the worst economic slump ever in U.S. history, and one which spread to virtually <br /> all of the <br /> industrialized world. The depression began in late 1929 and lasted for about a decade. Many factors <br...
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  24. Mass Production at the 1920`S
    One of the main factors of USA Economic Boom in the 1920´s was mass production in the car industry . It consisted on a a production line in which workers had to do a certain thing to the product, and then it was taken from that worker to another...
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  25. Mccarthyism and the Media
    The Cold War ushered in a new era in the American society that would change the way in which everyday life was carried on by the public. Men, women and children were convinced to fit the “average” mold that was promoted through propaganda...
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