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Essays for History: United States

  1. Trail of Tears
    The Trail of Tears, was it unjust and inhumane? What happened to the Cherokee during that <br /> long and treacherous journey? They were brave and listened to the government, but they recieved <br /> unproductive land and lost their tribal land...
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  2. U.S. Terrorism
    The United States has become the target of the most recent terrorist attacks <br /> <br /> because of it’s political involvement in the middle east. The United States has had <br /> <br /> involvement in the middle east ever since...
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  3. United State's Involvement in the Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War is truly one of the most unique wars ever fought by the <br /> Unites States of by any country. It was never officially declared a war. It <br /> had no official beginning or an official end. It was fought over 10,000 miles <br...
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  4. Us - Mexican War
    The Mexican War led to many different feelings in the United States. It split an even larger gap between the Democrats and the Whigs and incited many arguments between both groups. The main thing that provoked this was the annexation of Texas.<br...
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  5. William Tecumseh Sherman and His March to the Sea
    William Tecumseh Sherman was born on May 8, 1820 in Lancaster, <br /> <br /> Ohio. He was educated at the U.S. Military Academy and later went on to <br /> <br /> become a Union General in the U.S. civil war. Sherman resigned from...
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