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William Tecumseh Sherman and His March to the Sea

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William Tecumseh Sherman was born on May 8, 1820 in Lancaster,  


  Ohio.   He was educated at the U.S. Military Academy and later went on to  


  become a Union General in the U.S. civil war.   Sherman resigned from the  


  army in 1853 and became a partner in a banking firm in San Francisco.   He  


  became the president of the Military College in Louisiana(now Louisiana state  


  University) from 1859-1861.   Sherman offered his services at the outbreak of  


  the Civil War in 1861 and was put in command of a volunteer infantry  


  regiment, becoming a brigadier general of volunteers after the first Battle of  


  bull run.   He led his division at the Battle of Shiloh and was then promoted to  


  major general of volunteers.   Soon after Sherman fought in the battle of  


  Chattanooga he was made supreme commander of the armies in the west.  


  Sherman fought many battles with such people as Ulysses S. Grant, and  


  against people such as Robert E. Lee before he was commissioned lieutenant  


  general of the regular army.   Following Grants election to presidency he was  


  promoted to the rank of full general and given command of the entire U.S.  


  Army.   William Sherman published his personal memoirs in 1875, retired in  


  1883, and died in 1891.



          William Tecumseh Sherman, as you have read, was a very talented and  


  very successful man.   He is remembered by many accomplishments, but  


  probably most remembered by his famous March to the sea. Sherman's  


  march to the sea was probably the most celebrated military action, in which  


  about sixty thousand men marched...


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