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Interpersonal Attraction

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Interpersonal Attraction
Social Psychology
Jackie Kimber
Gaddiel Martinez
Lance Williams
Amanda Alexander
Milena Carpio
March 16, 2010
Dr. Farber

Social psychologists have identified several major factors that had made an influence in interpersonal attraction which is anything that draws two or more people together characterized by liking, affection, respect, or love.   Interpersonal attraction has been an important topic of research in psychology, because humans are social beings, and attraction serves an important function in forming a social way of living, which provides security and satisfies people’s need to belong to a social group.   In studying the nature of attraction, psychologists have used methods such as questionnaires, and surveys to determine level of one’s attraction toward another.   In this paper we will discuss the effects of affiliation of anxiety; Physical attraction, gender based standards, similarity, and social anxiety are examined to see how they impact interpersonal attraction.

Our Affiliation Desires Increase with Anxiety.
Jackie Kimber
Factors that shape affiliation involve the desire to gain knowledge about ourselves and the world through social exchange, and the desire to secure psychological and material rewards through social exchange.   Two reasons for seeking out others relate to our dependence on others for information and our dependence on others for positive outcomes.   (Social Psychology – 2009   Custom Edition).
Have you ever wondered why your need to be around other people often changes due to your daily experience? Have you ever questioned why your need to socialize is different from that of your friends and acquaintances? Although individuals differ in their habitual desire for affiliation, external events can also motivate people to seek out others.
We, like most people, during time of anxiety, grief, and uncertainly, we sought the companionship of others who are in similarly affected by this...


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