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Save the Wetlands, Save an Egret

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Louis Kanagin
English 102
February 8, 2011
Mary Elder
Save the Wetlands, Save An Egret.
      In S.G. Brown’s essay, he conveys his love for the marshlands, every plant and creature alike. S.G. Brown claims that due to industrialization, the wetlands are going to be lost if action is not taken soon. By draining the wetlands the government has taken away the natural beauty and the protection that the wetlands offer.   He states that the wetlands are a primary defense against natural disasters such as fire or flooding, which has been problematic in the drained wetlands.   An example would be Hurricane Katrina; had the wetlands not been drained and the levees collapsed, the events that would proceed that would not have been as bad as they were.
      There are a few things that Brown states that should be reason enough to rejuvenate the wetlands.   This includes the rare ecosystem with plant and animal life that can only be found there.   The reading provides an example of the turtles that hunters harvest and poach, as well as the Sand Hill Crane, which is the only bird that has retained its prehistoric call.   He provides an alternative to the hunting of the wetland turtles: to raise them on a farm and take them from there. He also brings up the “restorative” effects that the wetlands have on the human soul. “We restore them in order to be restored by them” (Brown, 271). Having lived or visited many different national parks, he attests to the unparalleled beauty of the wetlands.   Claiming that no price could be put on the beauty the wetlands contain, he suggests to purchase and re-flood the wetlands so that they do not go away, thus passing their beauty to the generations yet to come.
      Due to how isolated the wetlands are the animals have to have adapted over time, also known as natural selection.   The animals found in the wetlands would not be able to live in other regions because they are not use to them, and would not make it.   By maintaining the...


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