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Jersey Witous
Period 3
The Main Cause
Overpopulation is one of the world’s top environmental issues and is continually becoming worse. The population of planet earth is growing each time you take a breath. There are more than 211,00 people being added to this world everyday, and a population the size of Germany per year. Overpopulation is the reason for many other global worries and will be an even larger problem in the future than it is today. The main problems overpopulation causes and will cause include scarcity of resources, the suffering of plants and animals, and increased amounts of CO2 in our atmosphere.
Every person needs a minimum amount of resources in order to sustain life on planet earth. Due to overpopulation those resources are dwindling everyday. The more people that are on the planet the more resources are consumed. Overpopulation does not only refer to the size of a population, it also depends on the amount of available resources to sustain life. If people use resources faster than they can be replenished, then there will no longer be a sufficient supply of what is needed to sustain life. The most important resource is water, and the supply of fresh water is shrinking rapidly due to high demand and wasteful habits. Oil is also being used up which is used to run our machines, like cars and also factories that produce essential and basic items that are used every day. Once the resources run out people will be forced to face stressful situations that cause competition. This will lead to war and fighting within and between countries. It will create unnecessary conflicts that could be prevented if the population were lower. There will also be an increase of competition for work so the rates of unemployment will rise rapidly. This will cause the number of people in poverty to rise as well. The world will crumble under the stress. A lack of resources is a huge problem that people are not prepared to face.
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