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Canadian Standard of Living

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Since the day Canada was created the standards of living have been constantly changing. There have been ups and downs in Canadian Standard of Living, but in my opinion, the system we have today is nearly perfect. Although I believe that no one will ever create a perfect system, mainly because of the differences in opinions. Not a single country in the world has the standard of living that in my opinions is ideal. We can look at other countries such as: Russia, Holland, or China. Although these countries have better standards of living then Canadians in some areas like: education, clothing, health system, etc. Each of them has disadvantages like: Russia has poor economy, Holland has high taxes, and China is overpopulated. I believe that current Canadian Standard of living creates a line higher then medium in the World Standard of Living.

To create an ideal, and maybe perfect, Canadian Standard of Living, I wish to compose an outline that I believe will take Canadian Standard of Living to the next level. The Standard of Living basically consists of six basic areas: Education, health, housing, food and nutrition, clothing, and rights. I would like to discuss all of these issues separately because that all of them are very ingredients of the creation of the great Canadian Standard of Living.

First on my list is education. This factor, in my opinion, is one of the most important ones. I believe that the access to education should be unlimited. I think that you should be able to study as long as you want, and the issues such as money, equipment and facilities shouldn’t stand in your way, but that raises other issues. If we have all geniuses, that will ruin the balance of the whole system. So I think that the best way is to limit and set High school diploma as a standard.

Today’s Canadian Health System is not prefect. I believe that Health care is an issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible, because today’s constant budget cuts won’t...


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