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High Life Standards and Environment

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Humankind is always tends to live comfortably. For this reason, a lot of things have been
invented in a long period of time from ancient times to today. Although this desire stream for
long time , there is not a difference with the ancient times and today. In ancient times people
invent something for satisfying the needs ; however , today inventors make new things especially
for comfort or for the decrease in time consumption . These new things especially in this era
improve people's life standards rapidly . However, these inventions make people unconscious
consumers and this unawareness harms nature. People think that it is not possible to harm nature
for high life standards but it is possible for humans to improve and have a high standard of life
without harming the environment.

Some people claim that for the high life standards of living it is a must for industries to
use the environment and they think if the industries do not use the environment factories can not
find energy to produce . Secondly, they think industrial wastes are inevitable . According to those
people nothing can be done but this idea is completely wrong. The damage done by industries can
be recovered or these industries can find alternative energy sources . Let us go around alternative
energy sources. Almost all of the producers use depletable energy sources , such as , fossil fuels,
trees or coal. Since these are limited sources, they will end one day and if nothing is done , the
humankind will end too. To protect the world this, sunlight can be used by the factories and
because sunlight is harmless it protects the environment. Companies burn those depletable
sources to supply energy and these burning reactions emit CO2 into the atmosphere . CO2 gases
corrupt the balance of the atmosphere and which affect all the living included human. However,
direct sunlight also beneficial and gives more energy than the...


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