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Abortions - Essay 6

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Abortions need to be illegal and kicked out of medical practice because it destroys people’s lives. Many days I ask myself why are abortions permitted and should they be legal? Still today I ask myself these questions.
As of November 9, 2008 the death rate in America is   28   percent. With such a high percentage, why are women still allowed to abort babies with no punishment? But if I were to kill my brother, I would have been thrown in prison. Isn’t that the same crime? One being stolen of their life. Today’s percentage of abortion is nineteen percents. Compared to the death rate is twenty-eight percent   .
With my own personal experience with a life being stolen away from me. I do believe that it should be a better way to overcome the rate of abortion. It seems as if the women have the upper hand when it comes to making that decision. And I do believe that we men should have a say so. As many people know today it takes two people, a male and female to create another human being. Now why shouldn’t the male have the right to decide? Just the thought of what it could have been? A boy or a girl. What my child, my creation, could have accomplished on earth? We as people, as a whole should come together and stop this horrible crime.
Whatever happen to the Baby Boomers years? Where there were babies being born and not killed. What ever happen to couples being happy to produce? I want people to have that amazing feeling when I had my first child, it was amazing. Why can’t others feel that same way I felt?
I wish my deepest thoughts and emotions could reach others and have an impact on their lives as I’ve impacted on mines. These actions are life changing events that constantly have yourself second guessing your decisions. I believe every decision should be well thought out and discussed with your loved ones. It is quite understanding that people make mistakes. But these mistakes need to be corrected.
Some women aren’t able to produce but would...


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